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Trump’s Approval Rating Hits All-Time Low Of 29% After Capitol Siege

Trump's Approval Rating Hits All-Time Low Of 29% After Capitol Siege

The rating makes Trump one of the least popular presidents of all time.


US President Donald Trump’s approval rating has plummeted to an all-time low, led by a dramatic drop in support among voters of his own party, following insurrection at the Capitol last week.

A new Pew Research Center poll released on Friday found that just 29 per cent of Americans have approved of the job Trump is doing in office, by far the lowest rating he has received during his presidency, reported The Hill.

The poll said 68 per cent of people disapprove of his handling of the job, while 52 per cent say Trump bears a lot of responsibi1lity for the violence and destruction that took place at the Capitol last week.

Voters have deeply disapproved of the way the president has conducted himself in wake of the November election he lost to US President-elect Joe Biden. More than six in ten say his behaviour after Election Day was poor, and almost half of those who say they voted for Trump called his behaviour either poor or only fair.

The rating makes Trump one of the least popular presidents of all time, slightly above the percentage of Americans who approved of Richard Nixon’s job performance when he resigned office in disgrace. Just 26 per cent of Americans said they approved of Nixon’s job performance when he left office in 1974, The Hill reported.

Meanwhile, Sputnik reported that as Biden prepares to take office just days after the riot inside the US Capitol, 64 per cent of voters expressed a positive opinion of his conduct since he won the November election and majorities also approved of Biden’s Cabinet selections and how he has explained his plans and policies for the future, Pew said.

Other surveys have also depicted a free fall in Trump’s approval rating.


On January 6, a group of Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol to protest legislators confirming electoral slates from battleground US states they thought were invalid.

Five people died in the riot, including one police officer as well as one Air Force veteran and a Trump supporter who was shot dead by police.

Following the violence, the US House of Representatives on Wednesday impeached Trump for “inciting” last week’s deadly violence at Capitol Hill, making him the first US President to be impeached twice.

Congress voted 232 to 197 on the single article of impeachment charging Trump with “incitement of insurrection”.

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