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Russia fighting for its land’ Putin’s puppets issue ‘genocidal’ threat to Ukraine

Russian state TV host Vladimir Solovyov claimed Ukrainian folks haven’t any proper to battle for his or her land as “none of it’s theirs” however belongs to Russia. Referring to the Russian marketing campaign in Ukraine, he inspired Ukrainians to “get up and bear in mind who they’re” after slamming Ukrainian tradition by insinuating their language and traditions are “made up”.

Solovyov instructed viewers of channel Russia-1: “[Russian] troops are combating for his or her land.

“And now I’ve a query ‘what would the Ukrainian territory defence battle for?’

“None of it’s their land.”

Main Vladimir Putin supporter and propagandist Margarita Simonyan added: “[Russian separatist forces in the Donbas] are combating for his or her land, and Russia’s military is combating for its land”.

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Solovyov continued: “We’re telling folks [in Ukraine] ‘come your senses!’

“We’re telling folks [in Ukraine] ‘bear in mind who you’re! Have a look at what’s being carried out to you!’

“Have a look at who conquered you, and bear in mind your nice previous!’

“The faith that’s being made up for you.

“Westerners say ‘they don’t greet you with flowers.

“Sure they’re, regardless of their worry [Ukrainians] are welcoming us.

“And they’re going to welcome us much more, once they perceive that we’re by no means leaving”.

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