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Putin’s allies LOSE IT on live TV over footage of life returning to normal in Kyiv – VIDEO

Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has stalled, prompting outrage on Russian state TV that Ukrainians are not afraid of Russian strikes. The humiliating admission prompted one ‘political scientist’ to lose it stay on Russian state TV. Nikita Danyuk complained that Ukrainians are “feeling nice in summery Kyiv” as he questioned when the final strike on the Ukrainian capital was.

The livid rant was sparked after the state TV channel broadcast footage of Volodymyr Zelensky’s advisor Oleksiy Arestovych giving an interview whereas strolling round Kyiv.

Francis Scarr, who displays Russian state TV for the BBC, tweeted the clip, including: “Russian ‘political scientist’ Nikita Danyuk watched @arestovych giving an interview whereas strolling round Kyiv and is outraged that folks there aren’t presently cowering of their basements.”

Mr Danyuk stated: “They’re strolling round Kyiv in peace I did not hear any air raid sirens.

“I am unable to in any respect bear in mind the final time that there have been strikes on Kyiv!”

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He continued: “You already know, simply now, my esteemed colleague Mikhail Delyagin spoke about putting the Ukrainian Safety Service constructing and the Basic Employees is there too.

“I imagine that from the viewpoint of symbols, if you’re a part of that Nazi authorities and regime, of that terrorist Ukrainian statehood then you definitely too are complicit.

“Each establishment which is a pillar of that terrorist regime from the intelligence companies to the military and civilian figures within the state are criminals in my opinion “

“However take a look at what Arestovych was saying, effectively everybody is aware of he is a clown, however for example it immediately, they’re feeling nice in summery Kyiv.

“I do not assume there have been any strikes on Kyiv for a very long time.

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