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Putin on trial: Top diplomat demands Russian leader faces ‘justice’ for Ukraine aggression

The Russian President appears set to unleash battle on his western neighbour, as tensions proceed to escalate. US defence analysts estimate as much as 190,000 troops are at the moment gathered on Ukraine’s borders to the north, east and south. Greater than 40 % are actually believed to have adopted assault positions, in accordance with safety officers.

In the meantime, the Ukrainian joint forces command reported that Russian-backed separatists had focused Ukrainian residents with intense shelling on Saturday morning.

Because the world holds its breath, US president Joe Biden mentioned he was satisfied that the Russian strongman was set to invade.

In an emotional tweet, Olexander Scherba demanded that the Russian tyrant face justice for his aggression.

The previous Ukrainian ambassador to Austria wrote: “If Putin doesn’t face justice after 2022 – then there isn’t any justice. #MSC2022”

He criticised Western leaders for having cosied as much as the Russian chief, accusing them of enjoying Putin’s sport.

Scherba mentioned: “Now we see how the evil works. The evil, whose hand the world leaders shook.

“In whose eyes they seemed. To whose Victory Day parades they travelled.

“Whose Nord Streams they constructed. You performed his sport.”

The Russian battle in Ukraine has been occurring for eight years since Putin forcibly annexed Crimea.

Regardless of makes an attempt to dealer a stop fireplace by means of the Minsk accords, sporadic preventing has endured.

It’s estimated that not less than 14,000 folks have misplaced their lives because of the present battle – a quantity that would quickly grow to be rather more.

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In addition they consider that his absence might assist facilitate a coup d’état.

The US is worried that the Ukrainian President wouldn’t be capable to coordinate Ukraine’s navy response if he occurred to be in another country the second an assault was mounted.

Western leaders continued to subject last-minute appeals to the Russian President to tug again from the brink of battle.

Olaf Scholz, the German Chancellor, mentioned it was unacceptable that Europe was dealing with a battle over a difficulty that was not even an agenda – specifically Ukraine’s membership of NATO.

He mentioned: “It won’t occur the subsequent time. It won’t occur within the close to time. Putin is aware of that.”

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