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Protestors in Bangladesh demand apology from Pakistan for 1971 genocide

Protest rallies were held across Bangladesh on Monday and demonstrators demanded an apology from Pakistan for the 1971 Bangladesh genocide and killing of intellectuals.

Various programs were held across the country and a memorandum was sent to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, demanding an apology.

These programs were held on the occasion of Shaheed Buddhijibi Debos on Monday.

At the end of the rally at Raju Vaskorjo at Dhaka University, Muktijuddha Mancha started walking towards the Pakistan Embassy but was stopped by the police at Shahbag. Police took the delegation of six members to the Pakistan embassy.

At the end of a procession in the Supreme Court, Retired Justice Shamsuddin Chowdhury Manik said, “Pakistan must immediately accept the responsibility of the genocide and apologise to the state of Bangladesh for committing brutality during the Liberation War. The Pakistan Embassy is still conspiring against the principle of the Liberation War.” He also demanded increased surveillance over the Pakistan embassy.

Barrister Turni Afroz said, “Pakistan must immediately apologise for the crime of genocide. Otherwise, we will go against Pakistan for the crime of genocide at the international court. Pakistan is still a patron of communal fundamentalist evil. There is a conspiracy going on in Bangladesh. We will stop all conspiracies here.”

Md. Al Mamun, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Muktijuddhya Manch in Bangladesh said at the rally, “Today is Sahid Buddhijibi Debos. This day is the most painful day in the life of a Bengali nation. In 1971, during the War of Liberation, the Pakistani aggressors killed top intellectuals of the country. Authors, writers, physicians, teachers, scientists were gathered from their homes in the dark at night and killed brutally. When the Pakistani realised that freedom fighters are going to be the hero and the Pakistan forces are going to be defeated, they started killing the top intellectuals of the country in collaboration with Razakar, Al-Badr, Al Shams. The genocide began on March 25 in 1971 and ended on December 16 with the final victory of the freedom fighters. Pakistani forces killed millions of people. Two lakh mothers and sisters lost their dignity due to this.”

Speakers said after 49 years of independence, the Pakistan government has not taken the responsibility for the 1971 genocide. They said the Pakistani government is still conspiring against Bangladesh and Pakistan must take responsibility for these brutal killings in Bangladesh.

If Pakistan does not apologize quickly, the government of Bangladesh should break all kinds of diplomatic relations with Pakistan. Otherwise, the Muktijuddha Mancha will implement programs across the country, the speakers said.

Apart from Dhaka, various organizations in Sylhet, Comilla Khulna and Narayanganj held similar programs.

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