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‘Not defending Putin but…’ Piers Morgan panel stunned as guest justifies Russia invasion

American social and political commentator Ann Coulter left Piers Morgan and his panel in shock after she claimed the West ought to care about its “personal issues” and never get entangled in help of Ukraine. She accused the West of “dissing the Russians for such a very long time” and argued “I’m not defending Putin, however why ought to Individuals and British care about this?”. Referring to the invasion, she stated “Ukraine was traditionally a part of the Russian Empire affect” however the West “retains encroaching and encroaching”.

Ms Coulter instructed Piers Morgan: “I’m not defending Putin, however why ought to Individuals care about this?

“We’ve got our personal issues.

“Why ought to the British care about this?

“You guys, I feel it’s a good looking metropolis and I hope you reserve it.

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