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‘Look at him from a physical perspective!’ Angela Epstein questions Biden’s health

The oldest President in American history Joe Biden has many people interested in his health since he ran for the presidential elections. Jeremy Vine discussed Donald Trump’s plan to run for office again in 2024 Journalist Angela Epstein, who explained why Joe Biden was unlikely to run again.

Speaking on Trump’s teasing admission on GB News with Nigel Farage yesterday morning, Jeremy Vine said: “To me, he looks like a guy who’s going to run and win.”

Jeremy repeated his prediction to the guest panel: “I think he’s going to run and win.”

Ms Epstein added: “Look at the current United States President, look at him from a physical perspective, never mind before you start drilling down into the policies.

“Sort of questionable bodily habits in front of members.

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“He’s falling asleep on the job.”

Mr Vine confused as to which president was being discussed responded: “Oh, Biden you’re talking about, the breaking wind allegation.”

Briefly touching on Joe Biden at COP26 in Glasgow earlier last month where he appeared to have fallen asleep.

It comes amid claims the Duchess of Cornwall was ‘left blushing’ after Biden apparently broke wind in front of her during the conference.

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Author and Commentator Douglas Murray wrote in the Telegraph about Joe Biden’s current state of health, Mr Murray said: “It is increasingly clear to everybody in America – Democrat and Republican alike – that Biden is deteriorating fast.

“Even those who have served with him and known him for years privately admit that the man in the Oval Office is not the Joe Biden they knew.

“He always rambled, was always fond of giving speeches with bizarre, often wholly irrelevant digressions.”

Mr Murray added: “But he also used to be capable of finding his way back to his point. Not anymore. Which is one reason why his handlers have decided on a dramatic, if for him kindly, solution.

“The president is promptly hidden from the public. And he is hidden from the press. In the wake of major announcements, the president will make a statement and then he will take no questions from any of the assembled court press.

Mr Murray concluded: “The truth is that Biden’s aides realise that their man has to be kept away from the cameras as much as possible.”

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