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‘It’s all cr*p!’ Biden branded ‘con artist’ on climate plan as soaring US emissions emerge

Joe Biden and other world leaders’ green agendas were blasted as “all cr*p” by Australian commentator Prue Macsween. Ms Macsween ridiculed commitments to climate change following the news that, despite promises made at the COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow in 2021, US emissions rose sharply by 6.2 percent last year compared to a record 10 percent decline in 2020.

The soaring figures were fueled by a steep rise in coal power emissions and HGV traffic as the U.S. economy reemerged from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Discussing the revelation, Ms Macsween branded COP26 a “circus” as she accused world leaders such as Joe Biden as “con artists”.

She slammed: “They get on the bandwagon and slap each other on the backs.

“Say the platitudes, say what they think we all want to hear and then they go off and do the opposite!”

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The furious commentator said the behaviour from world leaders “is all cr*p” adding that observers “know it’s cr*p” that leaders say one thing and do the opposite.

She went on to suggest it is “so hypocritical” of Joe Biden to be making sweeping demands in tackling climate change despite his own track record.

Ms Macsween also slammed that she was “sick” of “lefties” in their pursuit of the green agenda despite not sorting out domestic issues of the climate at home.

Her comments come as the US still operates a whopping 246 coal-fired power stations despite a commitment at the COP26 summit to phase out its usage to tackle climate change.

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Stateside emissions are now just 17.4 percent below 2005 levels following the massive uptick in 2021.

The White House have previously claimed how Biden’s “Build Back Better Framework” will “unlock the full potential of a clean energy economy that combats climate change”.

They claim the plan also “advances environmental justice, and creates good-paying, union jobs”.

The President has pledged $555 billion in spending and tax incentives for renewable power, electric cars, and other climate programs through the framework, but it is still stuck in The House of Representatives.

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