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Horrific footage shows Russian soldiers ‘castrating’ Ukrainian PoW with retractable blade

“They do it out of sadism, usually recording crimes on digital camera. So, Ukrainian bastards, know that the heads of your sons are already adorning the fences of some homes within the liberated territories, their genitals are being eaten by stray canine,” they claimed in a foul-mouthed rant.

Within the video, a person – who seems to be a Russian soldier or mercenary, sporting the now-famous ‘Z’ image – is seen wielding the Stanley knife whereas different males maintain the captured soldier down.

The Ukrainian soldier is kicked within the head as he struggles on the ground, his arms sure and his mouth gagged.

The primary man proceeds to tear the captive’s military fatigues open and mutilate his genitals, holding them up in his hand triumphantly earlier than tossing them to 1 aspect.

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