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Chinese jets and bombers descend on Taiwan airspace as Beijing stokes tensions

The Taiwanese Ministry of National Defense said that 27 Chinese military aircraft entered the southwest area of the nation’s Air Defense Identification Zone today. The Taiwanese Ministry of Defense tweeted: “27 PLA aircraft (KJ-500 AEW&C*2, Y-9 EW, H-6*5, Y-20 Aerial Refueling, J-10*6, J-11*4 and J-16*8) entered Taiwan’s southwest ADIZ on November 28, 2021.”

The news comes after China told the US not to “play Taiwan card” because it is a “losing hand”.

Beijing is fuming after US lawmakers recently visited the island democracy.

They state that interference from the US in Taiwan will impact relations with China

Following the visit from the US officials to Taipei, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian warned the US “not to play the Taiwan card, because it’s a bad card, and a losing hand”.

He gave a stern warning that the US should not breach the One-China policy, where Beijing instead Taiwan is under their sovereignty.

The firebrand spokesperson warned the US to not set the wrong idea about “Taiwan independence”.

The news come after China suspended its consular services at its embassy in Lithuania until further notice for “technical reasons”.

However, the action has been cited as the politburo expressing strong dissatisfaction at the opening of a de facto Lithuanian embassy in Taiwan.

Beijing sees Taiwan as its territory with no right to the trappings of a nation state.

Recently China has stepped up pressure on countries to scale back or sever their relations with the island, even non-official ones.

More to follow…

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