RHOC: Heather Dubrow Leaks Text Messages From Noella Bergener to Show Noella Lied, Noella Responds!

Heather Dubrow Reveals Text Exchange with Noella Bergener, as Tamra Judge Declares “Don’t Worry They Don’t Last Long”

On the latest episode of Real Housewives of Orange County, Heather Dubrow invited Noella Bergener to her home to clear the air. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned.

Upon arriving at Heather’s mansion, Heather was in the middle of filming an infomercial with husband Terry Dubrow, and Noella threw some shade in a confessional interview afterward. She called Heather a narcissist, and she suggested Heather intentionally invited her over at a time she would be filming so that Noella could see the “production.” Noella also said Heather’s podcast studio was like a creepy shrine of herself.

On Instagram, Heather posted a text exchange with Noella (sent before their meeting) to prove that Noella was being two-faced. In the texts, Heather clearly tells Noella that she would be busy filming infomercials the entire day but was still looking forward to their meeting.

In the first message, Heather wrote, “Hi! So nice seeing you – sorry for all that you’re going through. Thinking about you.”

Noella responded, “Thank you so much. That is very kind of you. [heart emojis].”

Heather’s next message was nine days later, right before their dramatic meeting: “I’m glad you’re free tomorrow! Thank you for coming to my place – we have a whole weekend of shows at SHOP HQ so I’m a little locked in! Hope things are better in your world – See you tomorrow.”

In the caption of the post, Heather vented to her fans: “When you thank her for coming to your house to clear the air and move forward because you’re working all weekend, and she comes over and pretends not to know and trashes your business and your character.”

Heather’s friend Tamra Judge (a former RHOC housewife) commented on the post, saying, “NOT COOL AT ALL! I’ve worked with housewives like that before & it sucks! But don’t worry they don’t last long 😂 loved to know who you ‘slammed”’ Cuz that’s so your style.”

As for Noella, she just fired back at Heather on Instagram with her own claims, including alleging she had to wait 15 minutes to get permission to use the bathroom at Heather’s home.

“A good host knows their schedule. I was left waiting in my car in her driveway for 45 minutes. When I asked to use the bathroom I had to wait 15 minutes for permission then return back to my car,” wrote Noella on her Instagram Stories. “When I finally was allowed to come inside I walk into an infomercial. This was a Saturday with my kids. I showed up when I was told to. My time was not respected and plugging products was clearly more important than making me feel welcome.”

RHOC Noella Bergener fires back at Heather text messages

The two castmates will probably hash this out at the reunion.

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