Mauricio Umansky Files Lawsuit Against High-Profile Agent After Being Accused of Scamming Investor Out of $35 Million

Mauricio Umansky Files Lawsuit Against High-Profile Agent After Being Accused of Scamming Investor Out of $35 Million

Mauricio Umansky is suing a high-profile real estate agent after being accused of screwing an investor out of millions.

Years after the sale of a $32 million mansion in Malibu led to a number of lawsuits filed against numerous parties, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills husband and his real estate firm, The Agency, are taking on Aitan Segal, who previously sued him for $4.5 million.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online on July 28, Mauricio and The Agency have denied having advised Sam Hakim, who previously sued him for in excess of $35 million, not to put his $40 million offer on the Malibu home in writing.

They’ve also filed a countersuit against Aitan, claiming Sam is an “experienced high-end real estate investor” who hired Aitan to represent him as he attempted to purchase the home and making it clear that it is Aitan who should be blamed for Sam’s frustrations.

In his court documents, Mauricio, who is married to longtime RHOBH star Kyle Richards, said Aitan was “Hakim’s agent and fiduciary and owed him the highest duties of good faith, honest, and fair dealing. Moreover, as Hakim’s real estate agent Segal was required to put himself in the position of Hakim and disclose material information required for Hakim to make a well-informed decision.”

“Segal failed to advise Hakim to make his alleged $40 million offer on the Property in writing or he otherwise provided advice and recommendations that breached his fiduciary duties to Hakim,” he continued, adding that Aitan should be liable for any damages.

In response to Mauricio’s lawsuit, Aitan denied allegations of wrongdoing and requested the case be dismissed.

As RHOBH fans may recall, Mauricio began facing legal drama in 2018, when he and The Agency were sued by Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, the former owner of the Malibu home. At that time, Teodoro accused Mauricio of failing to reveal he had partnered with Mauricio Oberfeld to buy his property for $32.5 million.

Although the government approved the sale of the home, which was seized from Teodoro after he was accused of stealing money from his home country of Equatorial Guinea, where his father is president, Teodoro complained that Mauricio and his partner withheld higher offers from him in an effort to secure a profit for themselves.

Mauricio and Oberfeld ultimately sold the home for $70 million, making a stunning profit of $37 million.

In response to Teodoro’s lawsuit, Mauricio denied allegations of fraud before eventually settling the case.

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