Jennie Nguyen Talks Husband Duy Suggesting a Sister Wife on RHOSLC, Slams Mary Cosby as “Shallow”

Jennie Nguyen Admits Shock Over Husband Duy's Sister Wife Conversation on RHOSLC, Slams Mary Cosby as "Most Shallow" and Reveals Most Welcoming Cast Member

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Jennie Nguyen made her Watch What Happens Live debut on Sunday night, where she address a shocking conversation she was seen having with husband Duy Tran on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

After fans watched as Duy questioned her about the possibility of adding a sister wife into their marriage, Jennie admitted their on-camera conversation was the first they’d had about the topic before dishing on her co-stars, including the “shallow” Mary Cosby.

“With every family, we have family planning. And we have discussed about having a big family and what we wanted. He’s still stuck in that moment but life dealt me and him a different hand so I’m trying to deal with it and move on. He has not,” Jennie explained on the October episode of WWHL, giving a nod to her numerous miscarriages and the devastating loss of her daughter.

When host Andy Cohen then questioned Jennie about whether Duy had first spoken with her off-camera, Jennie confirmed he had not.

“And it was shocking. If you can imagine sitting there it’s like, ‘Are you serious? Are you just going to bring this up now and not discuss this with me prior?’ It was shocking to me,” Jennie recalled. “I didn’t know what to say. Like I said, if murder was not a felony, he would’ve been dead.”

While Jennie was understandably upset by Duy’s decision to bring up the issue on-camera, rather than off, she admitted that the concept of having multiple wives isn’t foreign to the two of them.

“We have patients that have multiple wives. They have a beautiful home, a great family. So it’s not something new in Utah. There’s other families that have the sister-wife so we’re used to that idea,” she explained.

During another WWHL segment, Jennie played a game of “A Jennie for Your Thoughts,” where she confirmed her RHOSLC castmate, Heather Gay, was the most welcoming of all.

“Heather is the most amazing human. She made me feel very welcome and very warm,” Jennie gushed, also adding that her friend, Lisa Barlow, had warned her about both Heather and Whitney Rose before she joined the show.

As for the most fun cast member to party with, that honor went to Jen Shah.

Mary was certainly the “winner” of the game, being named by Jennie as the biggest drama queen, the first housewife to piss her off, the cast member with the “biggest ego,” the “most shallow,” and the co-star she’s most likely to go toe-to-toe with at the upcoming reunion.

Jennie also said Mary was the cast member who was most different from what she imagined.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season two airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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