Dolores Catania Teases Big Fight With RHONJ Co-Stars And Says Viewers Will See Her “Get Mad”

Dolores Catania Teases A Big Fight With Her RHONJ Co-Stars And Says Viewers Will See Her "Get Mad" As She Defends Her Modern Life, Plus Live Viewing Thread

Dolores Catania says fans can expect her to lose her cool in the upcoming episodes as she dishes on what’s to come in season 11 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The current season started off with a bang as Teresa Giudice and Jackie Goldschneider kicked off a months-long feud in the first episode, but according to Dolores, there’s still plenty of drama to come in the final few episodes.

As fans well know, Dolores’ co-stars have been rather critical of her relationship with David Principe, who has yet to put a ring on the Jersey native’s finger despite years of dating. However, it seems the reality star grew tired of their criticism because she says viewers will see her “get mad” at her castmates due to their closed-minded opinions.

“I’m a very traditional girl, as is my cast, but I’m also open to more modern, [unconventional] things because you have to conform to what life puts in front of your face,” she told Hollywood Life on April 8. “If I didn’t, I would still be in the fetal position over my divorce, so I learned a long time ago that things aren’t always going the way you think they do, but if they don’t there’s probably number one, a good reason that they don’t turn out like that. [And] number two, that’s OK. What you do with it is your business.”

Dolores then went on to tease a big fight, which she claims wasn’t necessarily about her relationship with David. It was more about her friends not believing she’s truly happy with the way her life is going.

“A relationship is between two people, so, I don’t think that they understand that I appreciate the freedom that I have, but you’re going to see me get mad [and] there’s going to be a reason that I get mad,” the former corrections officer revealed. “Not because my friends didn’t understand my relationship or whatever, it was for a different reason. I have a thing I live by — If my friends are in my life, they are privy to what goes on in my life and how I really feel. So if I say I’m happy, trust me, I am. When I say I’m not, trust me, I’m not. But I’m also going to let you have your opinion because I love you because you’re my friend and I’m going to let you say what you want to say.”

The 50-year-old insists she’s content because not only does she have a lover in David, but she also has an incredible ex-husband she can depend on when necessary, which is more than most women can say.

“Everybody should have what I have. A lot of people would like the freedom that I have,” Dolores declared. “I have a couple men in my life for different things. I’ve got Frank [Catania]. I’ve got David Principe. I’m doing OK and I have no accountability to anybody. I’m not complaining, because when the world opens up again and I can go out there and do my thing, I want to do my thing.”

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