Charlie Day models new Wrexham kit on Rob McElhenney’s TikTok

Charlie Day has modelled the new football kit for Wrexham FC on Rob McElhenney’s TikTok account – check out the post below.

The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star can be seen in the new blue shirt, sponsored by TikTok, on his co-star’s account after McElhenney purchased the club alongside Ryan Reynolds earlier this year.

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McElhenney filmed Day in a brief clip set to the theme song of Sunny, with Day asking “How much are they gonna pay me for this? and McElhenney replying “Who’s they?” before Day asks “TikTok? The football team? What am I doing here? I’m not getting paid for this?!”

Watch the video here:


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♬ Always Sunny – Lemmedoya

McElhenney opened up about his plans for Wrexham in an interview with Music News earlier this year, saying that he’s working on making Sir Anthony Hopkins, notoriously a fan of Welsh football, a fan of the club.

“He is a big supporter,” McElhenney joked when Music News asked about Hopkins’ thoughts on Wrexham. “No he didn’t mention it, but i’m going to make him a supporter.

“I’ve already sent him a bunch of gear and I’m going to hope that he puts it on and puts it up on his Instagram. We’ll see. We’re buds now.”

“I call him Tony now,” McElhenney went on. “I said, ‘Sir Anthony’ and he said, ‘Don’t worry about that’ and I said, ‘Okay Mr Hopkins’ and he said, ‘Don’t worry about that call me Tony’ and I said, ‘Okay Tony.’

“So now I assume that since I can call him Tony we’re buds. He lives in the area. He’ll go for it.”


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