Bravo Issues Statement of Support For Eboni K. Williams Amid RHONY Backlash as She Talks Behind-the-Scenes Chaos

Bravo Issues Statement of Support For Eboni K. Williams Amid Vitriol From Some RHONY Fans as She Addresses Alleged Behind-the-Scenes Chaos and Teases What's to Come

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The Bravo network is issuing a statement of support for Eboni K. Williams amid her rather somewhat controversial first season on RHONY. Eboni is also addressing the alleged behind-the-scenes drama as she shares a message for those who believe she’s too “preachy” and teases what fans can expect from her on the remainder of the season.

As fans have likely heard, the Real Housewives of New York City season 13 reunion has reportedly been postponed after Ramona Singer asked production to ban the topic of race because she’s afraid Eboni will paint her as a racist. However, according to Eboni, Bravo is on her side amid the drama, and they’ve also put their foot down regarding the negative press the podcaster has received over the last month.

Indeed, the network issued a statement to E! News voicing support for the attorney.

“Bravo invited Eboni K. Williams as the first Black woman to join the cast of The Real Housewives of New York to be her authentic self, which has brought a new perspective to the show,” the network said in a statement. “We support Eboni in expressing her views, and we are proud that the show is addressing these important and relevant issues.”

Eboni also spoke to E! and showed her gratitude for Bravo’s support.

“It makes me feel really good to know that the network has taken the affirmative step to vocalize that support,” she told E! News on July 22. “I can tell you internally it’s been there the whole time, but I think the network sees and I see the vitriol that’s out there from various spaces and I appreciate, deeply appreciate, them using the power of their platform and their voice to articulate that support in a way for viewers to kind of take some of that narrative that might have been out there around my attempt to hijack the show for personal agenda or some of the other crazy things I’ve heard and seen on social media, to just dispel all that, nip all of that in the bud.”

Though some have blamed Eboni for this season’s low ratings due to her “preachy” behavior toward the women, she says Bravo gave her permission to bring up the hard-hitting topics.

“I am still grateful to God that they saw fit to invite me as the first Black woman on this network and in doing so, give me the space and the permission—not that I necessarily needed the permission, but they did give it—to bring all of who I am, my authentic experience and lens to this show and to have them vocalize that support means the world to me,” she explained.

As for those who are upset with the BLACK REVOLT NEWS host for discussing such serious topics on the show, Eboni said they’re “entitled to their preference,” but she will not apologize for being her “authentic self.”

“I guess my response to that is I can only be my authentic self, right?” she declared. “I decided long ago when I was invited to join this cast and presented with this incredible opportunity to be a part of this legendary franchise, that I would only do it on the term of honoring my own authenticity, and my authenticity is I am a Black woman with significant consciousness of my space in this world and society. And in addition to me being very aware of that, this network was well aware of that.”

Though she has already been fairly candid about her life thus far on the show, viewers can expect to see Eboni go through a deeply emotional experience in the coming episodes.

“I have a personal, real emotional back half of this season which I am thrilled to death that the world gets to see and go on this journey with me,” she teased. “And of course I’m talking about finding my father. But I’m also really anxious about what emotions are going to stir up for me when I’m able to revisit that part of my life, so I’m just really working on staying present and grounded this rest of the season.”

The Real Housewives of New York City season 13 airs Tuesday nights on Bravo at 9/8c.

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