Braunwyn Windham-Burke on Why She Was Fired From RHOC, Says She Was Sued for Kissing Tamra Judge

Braunwyn Windham-Burke Claims She Was Sued for Kissing Tamra Judge, Talks Life Outside “Bravo Universe” and Explains Why RHOC Cast Didn’t Like Her

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Braunwyn Windham-Burke shares how she’s coping one month after her firing and explains why her former co-stars dislike her before discussing several lawsuits she’s faced over the years.

Braunwyn was initially heartbroken when she was fired from Real Housewives of Orange County, but just like her sobriety, she’s taking things day by day.

In a recent interview, she said she’s finally realizing that there’s life after Bravo as she explained why it’s been so difficult for her to accept the news.

“There is a lot more out there, obviously,” she explained on the Housewives Nightcap series. “There is something when you’re in the Bravo universe… you forget that there’s another world out there. And you kind of get sucked into, like, ‘This is everything.’”

Though Andy Cohen previously suggested the show was no longer “the healthiest spot” for the mother of seven and her family, Braunwyn said she still doesn’t know the real reason she was axed. However, Real Housewives of Dallas star Kary Brittingham recently tried to help her make sense of the decision.

“I still don’t know. Maybe one day down the line I’ll reach out and ask,” she shared. “I haven’t asked because it really doesn’t make a difference, [but] of course I have ideas. I was actually talking to Kary Brittingham yesterday, ’cause we’re really good friends, and she’s like, ‘You just had a lot going on, you know? It was too much.’ And I’m like, ‘Okay, maybe that was it? Maybe I had too much going on.’”

When asked if she’s heard from any of her former co-stars, Braunwyn said she hasn’t heard a single peep before explaining why she believes the women had it out for her from day one.

“From the moment I was cast — a movement not a moment — there was a bulls-eye on me. They really didn’t like me!” she exclaimed. “And they didn’t like the direction I was taking the show. Social justice was really important to me when we were filming, and it still is now. And I think one of my cast members said to me, ‘That’s not what we do here.’ And as you can tell from [Real Housewives of New York City], that probably isn’t what the viewers want. The ratings are down.”

As for the eviction lawsuit she and her estranged husband Sean Burke were hit with earlier this month, she claimed she found out about the suit by reading the headlines just like everybody else. Nevertheless, though the situation makes her “feel like sh*t,” she apparently wasn’t too shocked by it as she has allegedly been sued for crazier things.

“I got sued for kissing Tamra [Judge]. For real!” she said before blaming her fame for several “frivolous” lawsuits she’s been hit with.

“I mean, the things people can sue you for are ridiculous. And there’s another one… Sean was in a fender bender, no one was hurt, and then like a year later [they sued us],” she said of another lawsuit that was filed against the couple earlier this year. “You get sued a lot when you’re a public figure. It just goes with the territory.”

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