Attorney Reveals $6 Million in Liens on Erika Jayne’s Home With Tom Girardi, Mansion Price Slashed to $9.98 Mil

Attorney Reveals $6 Million in Liens on Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi's Home, Criticizes Thomas Being Able to Live There Despite Alleged Crimes, Plus Mansion Price Slashed to $9.98 Million

Ronald Richards is revealing why Thomas Girardi and Erika Jayne‘s Pasadena mansion has not yet sold.

Less than three months after the property, which has been frequently seen on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, was listed for $13 million, the attorney is opening up about the legal issues involved while also confirming whether Thomas still lives at the residence and discussing the possibility of purchasing the home.

“The [Thomas Girardi] house has about $6,000,000 in lender liens, not including judgments. We are going to propose to pay off the liens, subject to a six month redemption by the Estate. [Thomas] needs to go. This is what is keeping the ‘scam’ alive. It is hard to market it like this,” Ronald explained on July 25 of the problems standing in the way of the home’s sale.

RHOBH Thomas Girardi's House Has $6 Million in Liens Against It

Following the tweet, one woman wanted to know, “Is he still living in the house?”

“Of course he is,” Ronald replied.

RHOBH Thomas Girardi is Still Living in Pasadena Mansion

While Thomas is allowed to remain in the mansion until it sells, Ronald said there were plenty of options for him elsewhere in the area, including senior care communities and assisted living facilities.

“If the government is not going to end this hypocrisy of having an undisputed former attorney who diverted client money live in his mansion while there are thousands without money, we are going to something about it. Here are some options for [Thomas],” Ronald wrote, along with a screenshot of centers in Pasadena.

Attorney Suggests New Living Arrangements for Thomas Girardi

As RHOBH fans may recall, the price of Thomas’ home was first dropped to $11.5 million in June. And, according to Ronald, if the price continues to drop, he and his team are going to try and buy it.

“If the price gets any lower, we are going to arrange to purchase it, subject to the existing liens, and take certain depositions there in certain cases,” he confirmed. “One in particular comes to mind, and we will invite all of the victims and followers to attend.”

Ronald Richards Considers Buying Thomas Girardi's Pasadena Mansion

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