90 Day Fiance’s Anna-Marie and Mursel Expecting 1st Child Together! Baby’s Gender Revealed

90 Day Fiance's Anna-Marie Campisi and Mursel Mistanoglu Are Expecting Their First Baby Together!

90 Day Fiance’s Anna-Marie Campisi and Mursel Mistanoglu’s hive is expanding! The beekeeping duo recently announced they are expecting their first baby together in the cutest way possible.

On Sunday, Anna-Marie posted a picture of a very cute black and yellow onesie to her Instagram that had the words “Future Beekeeper” posted on it. Anna-Marie went on to say in the caption that the couple would be expecting a baby boy in May 2022 and that the baby was 22 weeks along already.

Throughout the couple’s fertility journey, Anna-Marie has been very open with fans about the couple’s difficulty in conceiving. The pair opened up about their use of a surrogate to have a child together and the ups and downs of the process. But it seems that all the trials and tribulations were worth it as the two announced their pregnancy in the cutest Instagram post.

It is obvious from the post that the two are very excited about their newest addition, and it is equally obvious that the baby will probably be a beekeeper before he even learns to walk!


The pregnancy announcement is great news for fans, as Anna-Marie and Mursel were not one of 90 Day Fiance season seven’s most likely to succeed couples. Although the two bonded over a unique shared love of beekeeping, Mursel, a Turkish native, and Anna-Marie, an American from Nebraska, had more than just the usual language barriers standing in their way.

While this is Mursel’s first child, it is not Anna-Marie’s. Her three sons from previous relationships were born out of wedlock, which Mursel kept from his traditional Turkish parents. Mursel not telling his parents about Anna-Marie’s sons caused many fans to wonder if the couple would make it. That combined with the pair’s cultural and religious differences, not to mention the language barrier that caused the two to only be able to communicate via language app, had many fans thinking the worst for this couple.

Then, things temporarily got even bleaker for the pair as after finally telling his parents the truth about Anna-Marie’s sons, Mursel’s parents ordered him to return to Turkey immediately. Mursel ended up calling off the wedding and flying back to his native Turkey, leaving Anna-Marie behind. But in a turn of events, Mursel ended up flying back to America within the 90 days of his K-1 visa, and he and Anna-Marie finally tied the knot.

In fact, back in September, Anna-Marie posted a memory commemorating the couple’s two-year wedding anniversary. She gushed over Mursel’s wedding speech and how fast the past two years had gone.

Despite the initial drama, it seems the couple is happy together and still going strong. And now, the two excitedly wait to welcome their newest baby bee to their ever-expanding hive. We love it!

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