UK’s first ever vegan pig festival taking place in Yorkshire this weekend

The Orchard Pig Gig is considered to be a ‘world’s first’ where live entertainment will not just be for humans but pigs too. Festival-goers will head to Pigs in the Wood sanctuary in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, where the two-day event will have jazz, classical and rap musicians performing.

Those who have tickets will be able to enjoy roaming around the 10-acre site and to sample vegan food including ‘crisp and refreshing’ Reveller, the ‘sweet yet dry’ Truffler, and Hogfather ciders.

Russell Haggata, operations director and chairman at Pigs in The Wood, said the reason for the unique festival is to raise money for a new animal sanctuary.

She said: “Our pigs are one of a kind and love to socialise and dance to music.

“They can’t wait for this year’s Orchard Pig Gig. Our sanctuary wouldn’t exist without the generosity of donations, and we’re aiming to raise over £50,000 to improve the facilities for our pigs, so that everyone can experience the joy these animals can bring.”

It is also hoped that the vegan event will highlight abused and abandoned pigs and raise awareness and education around people selling ‘micro pigs’ as pets.

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