UK holidays: The seaside destinations still available to book for this summer

Leaving summer holidays’ plans to the last minute is never recommended. This year’s confusion due to Covid-19 and an always-evolving travel light travel system has left many Brits in need of options at the eleventh hour.

The Government has encouraged Brits to stay put this year, with the pandemic still very much a threat.

Some holidaymakers may still wish to head overseas, but for those who are looking closer to home, options are dwindling fast.

UK beach holidays are favourites every year as the British seaside offers so many options.

Both the South West and the South Coast are selling fast, with options staycation-seekers booking up the regions.

South Wales and Aberdeen are the next best options, and neither seem to attract much interest at the moment, which means they may remain options for a bit longer.

The last two weeks of August open up some more possibilities, with Blackpool in England and Glamorgan in Wales still on the cards.

Unfortunately, it seems North Wales and Devon’s accommodations are already almost full this summer, no matter the dates.


With the exceptions of South wales and Aberdeen, everywhere is selling fast.

With August almost here, Brits looking at a summer staycation should start booking.

The best time to look is from mid-August, with still plenty of availability in multiple areas.

To find somewhere to stay when availability is low across the board, hopeful tourists should keep a few things in mind.

Having some flexibility with dates will ensure the best chance of finding something.

In the same vein, spontaneity can be rewarding. Searching for availability the week of can help travellers book just-cancelled holidays and grab a bargain in the process.

Getting off the beaten track gives plenty of options to the holidaymakers who are willing to go somewhere unexpected.

Going to the countryside instead of the beach will seriously increase chances to find somewhere to book.

Likewise, a city break shouldn’t be dismissed. With every city around the country now fully opened, there is no shortage of things to do around the UK.

No matter the destination, shorter stays may open up some options. With most holidaymakers looking to book a week-long holiday, booking multiple shorter stays could be the answer.

And if all else fails, there is always the option of an Autumn holiday.

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