UK expat in Canada shares unexpected ‘silver linings’ of lockdown living abroad

“We finally have a shared experience for the first time in years.

“We are all going through the same thing, we have a shared language of lockdown and we speak much more.

“Actually, particularly with the ones who live abroad, we share our homesickness and commiserate on the failed holiday attempts to the UK!”

This, of course, would not have been possible without the array of technology at our fingertips.

“WhatsApp, WhatsApp, WhatsApp! I am one of four girls and the family chat groups are endless,” she said.

“Pictures, recipes, news articles, book recommendations and Netflix or Prime reviews zing across the Atlantic many times a day.”

The newfound communication also extended to her work life.

“Back in the UK, the shift was so dramatic that my heroic business partner, Katherine was suddenly faced with two kids at home and a business to run solo,” explained Ms Henderson.

“So, I came back to work in March, and we both crammed our work into naps and evenings.”

She continued: “During the pandemic, we have witnessed a 900 percent rise in sales, as families are looking to shop more consciously.

“It has been exciting to be at the forefront of facilitating change and a silver lining to Covid.”

Daily Express

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