UK Christmas holidays: The ‘cheapest’ days to book your festive staycation and ‘pay less’

Holiday as close to Christmas as possible

Although Christmas is arguably the pinnacle of the festive season, the big day and those surrounding aren’t necessarily the most popular.

Ms Jivraj-Stevenson said: “At Point A Hotels, we’re seeing occupancy rates drop-off significantly between December 20 and December 27 as people head home for the Christmas week.

“What this means is the closer your break is to Christmas Day the cheaper it can get… before demand shoots back up at the end of the month for New Year celebrations.

“Ideally, you want to find that sweet spot in the few days before Christmas.”

This doesn’t necessarily mean being away from home on Christmas Day itself, however.

Ms Jivraj-Stevenson explained: “A five-night stay beginning on Monday, December 20 and ending on Christmas Eve is a smart way of avoiding the pre-Christmas rush, which inevitably sees prices increase across the board: From hotel prices to tourist attraction admissions.”

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