Travel list update: Four MAJOR rule changes you should know – UK Government announcement

Travel has changed since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Although it opened up massively earlier this year, with leisure travel becoming legal once again, the rules for travel make it more difficult and expensive to go on holiday. Now the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has revealed travel rules will be changing again, meaning it should be easier for British travellers to go abroad. 

The announcement was made on Friday amid several changes to how travel will be managed going forwards.

From October 4, the current traffic light system will be scrapped – and instead replaced by one red list only system.

Fully vaccinated people returning to England from non-red list countries will no longer need to take PCR tests.

In addition, eight countries are being taken off the red list.

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But this was not the only announcement Mr Shapps made.

Later in October, those people required to take a PCR test will be able to replace the day two PCR test with a cheaper lateral flow test.

On Friday, Grant Shapps tweeted: “Travel update: We’re making testing easier for travel.

“From Monday, October 4, if you’re fully vaccinated you won’t need a pre-departure test before arrival into England from a non-red country and from later in October, will be able to replace the day two PCR test with a cheaper lateral flow.”

Red list countries moving to amber

The Transport Secretary unveiled a major reopening of foreign travel starting next week with the removal of eight countries from the 62 strong red list which requires arrivals to quarantine in a hotel at a cost of £2,285 per person.

These countries are Turkey, Pakistan, Maldives, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Oman, Bangladesh, and Kenya.

They will move off the red list from 4am on Wednesday, September 22.

Traffic light system scrapped

The traffic light system for travel abroad which has been in place for the past few months will be scrapped.

The amber and green lists will be removed.

Instead, there will be the red list only and all other countries will be free to travel to without any designation.

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