Rich kid ‘freaks out’ after being forced on budget holiday for reality TV show

An heiress who boasts a lavish lifestyle that includes a luxury car and designer clothes “freaked out” at a caravan park as she struggled through a budget holiday on a UK reality series.

London heiress Roumaissa, 18, appeared on the British television series Rich Kids, Skint Holiday, which pairs wealthy teenagers with regular families to teach them the true value of money.

Wealthy Roumaissa revealed she has a budget of around $1800 a month, courtesy of her dad, that she uses to bankroll her lavish lifestyle.

The rich teen, who drives a $56,000 luxury car, said she rarely cooked and spent around $700 a month eating out, as well as $900 on hair and makeup, with her dad topping up her account with a few thousand dollars every time she wanted to go shopping.

She also boasts a designer wardrobe, including a $58,000 handbag and $14,000 bracelet along with expensive footwear and clothes.

Roumaissa, who got kicked out of private school, admitted she tended to “shed a few tears” to get her way.

“I like my expensive designer clothes,” she said on the program.

“The most expensive item I bought myself was a Gucci bag that cost around £1300 ($2350).

“I paid for it by asking my dad. Just had to shed a few tears.”

But as part of the TV series she had to give up her luxury lifestyle for three days in a caravan in Great Yarmouth on England’s east coast with the Cope family.

Mum Nicky Cope works part-time in a special needs school, earning less than $1800 a month, while dad Neil is a self-employed handyman.

They live with their three kids, Grace, 14, and twins Lauren and Charlotte, 13, who have to do chores to earn money.

“My parents taught me to work for money, not just get it given to you,” Grace said on the program.

The family booked a caravan for $323 a night, admitting they had to save up all year to go away, and some summers were spent at home.

“A holiday is about making memories, not buying them or spending loads of money, just having the time together,” Mrs Cope said.

The show follows Roumaissa as she pulls up to the caravan park and appears less than impressed, admitting she’s never been on holiday in the UK before.

“Is it this? I’m scared,” she said. “Can we go back? I don’t know about a caravan.

“I don’t know how I feel about that. But I’m going to be nice. I never ever thought I’d stay in a caravan.”

The Copes give her a warm welcome and a card they made, but it’s not enough for Roumaissa who threatens to leave after finding a few spiders in her room.

“If I see one more spider, I’m not going to stay in this room. It’s probably been infected with spiders or something like that,” she says.

As she settles down with the Copes – who are celebrating Nicky’s birthday – talk turns to previous celebrations.

Roumaissa revealed her dad got her a $56,000 Audi TT and a bag worth $14,000 for her last birthday, shocking Neil.

“That’s half my mortgage,” he said. “That’s blown my mind a bit.”

Meanwhile Grace reveals she’s never been on a plane, let alone left the country.

That in turn blows Roumaissa’s mind. “I was shocked because I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who hasn’t been on a plane before,” she says.

“She was like sometimes we don’t go on holiday during the year. I thought everyone did.”

Nicky asks her about her wealth over dinner, and Roumaissa reveals her dad and her uncle own Africa’s biggest dental laboratory, as she shares her monthly budget of $1800.

“I don’t even earn that much,” Mrs Cope says. “We’ve got a mortgage to pay for food to pay for bills to pay, and we don’t always know if we’re going to have enough to pay for it. It’s a major worry. Do you worry about anything?”

After the grilling, Mrs Cope added: “She was quite taken aback that we don’t fly or go on holiday every year, like doesn’t everybody go on five, six holidays a year to France or Morocco?

“I almost feel we’re sharing our holiday with royalty or something.”

Roumaissa is shocked by Nicky’s wage. “Nicky told me she earns less than £1000 ($1800) a month. That’s a family of five people, I don’t know how they manage to do that.”

Things get off to a rocky start the next day, as the family is forced to wait over an hour for their guest to get ready, which irritates Nicky.

She doesn’t hold back, and tells Roumaissa: “We’ve been waiting ages. it’s a bit frustrating.

Tomorrow, do it a bit quicker.”

Things don’t go to plan on the beach as Roumaissa refuses to take off her $1100 Gucci sliders to paddle in the ocean, and turns her nose up at a cheese roll.

But the day improves as she’s given the family’s $68 budget for the day, and told to book an activity and sort dinner.

She manages to organise a round of crazy golf for $32 — half their budget — but she backs out of cooking dinner and instead buys ready meals.

When the family compliment the meal, she comes clean and admits to heating it up.

The Copes take Roumaissa to the arcade, where they show her how much fun can be had for literal pennies.

She gets into the spirit of things and says: “I think I’m good at this.”

The next day Roumaissa treats the family to a VIP tour of the local zoo, which costs $316, which includes feeding giraffes after the twins told her it was their favourite animal.

And by the end of the trip, Roumaissa finds it hard to say goodbye, and Nicky sheds a tear, telling her: “The girls see you as a big sister. I’ve loved having you on our holiday.”

As Roumaissa said: “It’s an experience I’ll never forget. I didn’t expect it to be like this.”

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