Popularity of caravanning on the rise – expert shares staycation warning for families

Campervans, caravans, motorhomes… there are many options for Britons looking to buy a holiday vehicle to take on the road. With the rise of staycations and a UK holiday now one of the most popular travel options, holidaymakers may be looking for a holiday vehicle.

Holidaymakers can learn what they like, don’t like and want from their vehicles by renting, and will avoid regrets.

But whether buying or renting, there are many options to choose from, and it’s not always clear where to start.

Ed said: “When you’re thinking of how you’re going to spend your time, there is a very big difference in the types of vehicle you can hire and the cost of them.”

He continued: “If I’m on my own, I’m quite happy to be in a vehicle with a bed and a cooler.

“Some of the more expensive motorhomes are up to several thousand pounds and you have hot showers and TVs and everything.”


The price of the vehicle will be a big consideration, but it won’t be the only one.

The size and weight of the vehicle and the number of people who will be using it should also be taken into consideration.

While would-be camper-owners may get caught up in the excitement of buying – or renting – a vehicle, it’s important to think about what they will be using it for, as well as where they will most likely go.

Ed said: “A lot of it is budget-driven, but you don’t really want to be in a motorhome which doesn’t have basic facilities if you’ve got a family, which is cooking and heating.

“Don’t go out and hire a 40 years old VW that looks really cool which is just a bed and a table, if you’ve got two young kids.”

There’s been a shift in the demographic of campervan and caravan holidaymakers, with many first timers taking the plunge with a caravan holiday.

Steven Hagenah, UK Country Lead for PaulCamper, another campervan and motorhome sharing company, said: “The pandemic and associated lockdowns have changed travel views and attitudes.

“Campervan holidays [are] quickly becoming one of the top choices for British travellers when considering travel options.”

To go on a caravan holiday, the first step will be to get a vehicle.

Considerations such as the size of the vehicle, the number of beds needed and the type of facilities included in the self-contained unit should not be after-thoughts.

Also extremely important are who will be using the vehicle and where holidaymakers will go.

Whether heading to a holiday park or wild camping in Scotland – where it is legal in some places – caravanning Britons may not all need the same type of vehicles.

As Ed reminded, a solo one-night away trip will not require the same vehicle as a two-weeks family holiday with the kids.

With travel restrictions having now been eased further, Britons may also want to take their caravans overseas on a European trip.

If this is the case, they may want to check the requirements for the Europeans countries they want to go to, as well as the guidelines for the camping sites they may use.

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