Pilot urges elderly passengers to avoid emergency row seats

By way of clothes and footwear, she beneficial carrying unfastened, breathable garments but additionally a couple of layers because it will get chilly on the aircraft.

“My pilot uniform is made out of pure breathable material, it’s unfastened in order that I can carry out my job in consolation and keep targeted with none pointless clothing-related distractions,” she mentioned.

Christine added: “I additionally put on flat, supportive footwear for security functions. I counsel that passengers put on snug footwear and garments on the aircraft, they need to keep away from carrying excessive heels and put on layers because the air con (which is completely on) implies that it could actually get chilly within the cabin.”

Many passengers expertise journey illness on the aircraft however based on the industrial pilot, this may be averted if travellers “do not overeat earlier than a flight and keep in mind to take movement illness tablets”.

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