National Parks in Singapore You Can Visit from Malaysia

If you long for some time away from screens and deadlines and to dive into nature and its bounteous facilities, planning your next escapade is definitely in the right now. With Singapore being one of the prime hot spots for thrill seekers, this place should be at the top of the adventure bucket list. Filled with many nature parks, this country witnesses an outpour of tourists, especially from its neighbor Malaysia. With travel coordinators aplenty, and affordable packages, traversing through the national parks in Singapore might just be the cure to the rut that most of us find ourselves in, so here are some of the famed ones that you should consider for your trip:

#1. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Spanning over 163 acres, the vast expanses of tall trees and forest cover in this national park serve as excellent reminders of the healing properties of nature. This nature reserve is also home to the highest point on Bukit Timah Hill in Singapore, which is a worthy climb with picturesque skies and Instagram-worthy landscapes. This reserve contains dedicated hiking and mountain biking trails so that you can plan the perfect adventure trip here.

The sweet scent of indigenous plants and herbs, the mesmerizing night skies, and the sound of birdsong resonating through the forests will wash away any problems and make you want to stay there forever. To reach this reserve, you can book your bus ticket online and experience a ride without hassles with redBus.

#2. Fort Canning Park

Fort Canning Park houses an extremely tropical vibe, with great parks and lush canopies. Having recently gone through various levels of upgradation, this park contains numerous picnic spots and photography corners. Packed with historical sites and landmarks, this park is a beacon of culture, which is great for tourists looking to learn more about this place. This park also witnesses various music festivals and concerts, thus drawing much of the youth.

To reach Fort Canning Park – one of the oldest national parks in Singapore, you can use the redBus facility – one of the most trusted transportation services. You can easily use the online interface to avail yourself of an online bus ticket.

#3. Pasir Ris Park

If you are trying to find the perfect blend of the beach’s energetic vibes and the tranquil atmosphere of the forest, then Pasir Ris Park is where your search ends. Being a coastal national park, you can experience the calm waves and stroll through the mangrove boardwalks at the same time. This park also contains ample camping spaces and facilities for your entire family to play water sports.

This national park serves as one of the most versatile national parks in Singapore and even provides visitors with facilities for barbeque and fishing. This should be one of your top considerations if you plan a family trip. To ensure your family enjoys a safe ride, head to the redBus website and book the bus tickets online.

#4. Singapore Botanic Gardens

Anyone who visits the Singapore Botanic Gardens is immediately amazed by the enthralling views, consisting of picture-perfect lakes, divine swans, and more. So evident is the beauty of this national park that it has even received heritage status from UNESCO. If you are planning to visit the park, you can plan fun leisure activities such as picnics, strolls through the Orchid Gardens, and generally revel in the quiet atmosphere.

One of the best ways to reach this place is through a bus in Singapore, for which the redBus facility is perfect. Marked with accessible booking features and low prices, you can seamlessly book your bus ticket online and prepare yourself for a fun vacation ahead.

#5. MacRitchie Reservoir Park

The running community in Singapore quite reveres the MacRitchie Reservoir Park. Famous for its clear trails and scenic views, you should visit this place if you identify as a fitness geek. If you are not a much runner, this place still holds many facilities. Tree-top walks and water sports are some of the main enjoyable activities you can enjoy here, along with the breathtaking sights you will be rewarded with at the end of the walking trails.

If you wish to relieve yourself of any stress regarding the commute and simply want to enjoy a fine day at the national park, then booking an online bus ticket with redBus is a sure-fire way to ensure that you won’t be disappointed.

Sometimes, strolling through lush, green thickets and enjoying picnics under the sun is the best way to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. With Singapore, the opportunities to do so are plenty, so if you find yourself being beckoned by such experiences, then the time to book your tickets is right now!

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