Holidays: Travel expert hints at ‘green islands’ including Balearics and Azores

From May 17, the UK Government will put into action its “traffic light system” for travel, categorisation nations as “red”, “amber” or “green” based on their COVID-19 “risk”. At a recent online event, Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps suggested the Government’s Global Travel Taskforce may look at individual archipelagos when categorising.

Although the Government has given no clear indication as to which nations will initially be categorised as “green”, travel expert Simon Calder offered his predictions for holiday islands on Twitter.

In a tweet, he listed the Spanish islands Balearics, Lanzarote, and Fuerteventura, alongside the Portuguese archipelago “Azores excluding Sao Miguel”.

However, he said Greece would be too “tricky” to assess at this stage.

The travel expert further said these were his “candidates for avoiding quarantine on return to UK, though much will change in the next 26 days.”(sic)

On Monday, during a press conference, Prime Minister Boris Johnson remained tight-lipped on which nations may be included on the green list.

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He also wanted that even once travel resumed, the “red list” would be “continually assessed” meaning sudden changes could occur.

“I’d love to be able to give you a clear rundown of the countries that we think will be red, amber or green,” said the PM.

“We won’t be able to do that at this stage.

“As we have said the Global Travel Taskforce has reported but what they have said is that we are really going to need to wait until early May before we can say which countries are on the list.

These include vaccination rates, Covid prevalence, the extent of variants and the capacity for genome sequencing of the virus.

Based on this data, the experts found the USA, Gibraltar, Israel, Iceland, Ireland, Malta, Australia and New Zealand could make the cut.

However many of these nations will have their own rules in place which could mean Britons are still unable to visit.

The report also suggested economic and political factors could see regions, such as Spain, being included in the list.

It stated: “Last year, the Spanish and Greek islands were given a lower-risk rating than the mainland and that could happen again this year.”

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