Holiday without your dog? No way! 6.3m pooches heading on UK breaks with owners this year

Pet owners who are planning trips to popular destinations from beaches to national parks are expected to travel an average of 123 miles. This means the nation’s dogs will be driven a combined 1.4 billion miles across the UK this summer according to new research by Direct Line Motor Insurance.

Millions of Brits are opting to book getaways on homeland this year due to the inconsistent changes to travelling abroad.

A total of 36.9 million staycation trips were taken last year, with 25 per cent of people not finding overseas holidays appealing due to the pandemic.

Further research from Direct Line suggests the rise of UK holidays is booming, with 6.3 million dogs and 2.3 million cats expected to tag along.

Nearly 20 million people (37 per cent) say their holiday habits have changed this year, with pet ownership a key factor.

Younger pet owners are also shown to be more likely to bring their pet for a break away, with a third of 18-34 year-olds saying they would, compared to just four percent of over 55s.

Lorraine Price, head of motor insurance at Direct Line said: “This summer is set to see another boom for staycations as we pack up our cars and hit the road for well deserved holidays.

“We are certainly a nation of animal lovers, which is clear from the number of dog and cat owners who plan to pack their pets in the car when they set off this summer.

“Driving with pets can be stressful, so it’s worth spending time planning how they’re going to be safely secured and that there are plenty of opportunities for stops along the way if going on a long journey.”

Other results gathered from Direct Line revealed that a quarter of dog parents would feel uncomfortable leaving their canines behind.

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