Greece expats face £85 fines every month if they refuse Covid jabs – new rules explained

Expats living in Greece now face the same vaccination rules as all citizens and residents of the county. The rules were imposed at the beginning of the month and will see over 60s who refuse the jab slapped with monthly rolling fines.

According to the latest data from John Hopkins University, at the end of November, just under 62 percent of the country’s population had received a full course of coronavirus vaccination.

The BBC found more than 520,000 people aged 60 and above have still not received the jab.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) states: “Wherever possible British nationals should aim to be vaccinated in the country where they live.”

The Greek national vaccination programme started in December 2020 and uses the AstraZeneca, Pfizer-BioNTech, Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) and Moderna vaccines.

What other restrictions do unvaccinated people face in Greece?

Greece is banning unvaccinated people from entering nightclubs, indoor restaurant facilities, theatres, cinemas, museums, exhibitions, conferences, gyms and stadiums.

The FCDO states: “You must present proof of a negative rapid test, taken up to 48 hours before entry, to visit other public spaces including shops and restaurants (outdoors).

“Failure to comply with these rules may be met with fines of up to €5,000.”

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