Google Maps Street View: Tourist

Google Maps Street View has a serious role in the world of technology when it comes to mapping the streets of the world. However, every now and again it captures something that is truly bizarre. The tech giant often catches people as they go about their daily lives – but it doesn’t always photograph them looking their best.

What’s more, the arm begins halfway up the bicep and is bending into a fist at the elbow.

It almost looks a bit like the tourist has a trunk, just like an elephant, as he has no discernible facial features at all.

However, if you look closely, it becomes clear that not all is as it seems.

Not only is highly unlikely the man would have an arm growing out of his face but other people behind him also look out-of-the-ordinary.


One man to his right, for instance, in a white T-shirt, has no legs past his upper thighs and appears to hover in mid-air.

To his left, a man’s brightly coloured shorts appear in two places, as though the owner has an identically dressed twin.

Obviously, something has gone wrong with Google Maps itself to produce such bizarre images.

What has actually happened in this image is likely that a technological glitch with the Google cameras has occurred.

A photo of one man went viral after being posted to content-sharing site Reddit this week depicting an outrageous glitch.

The shot, taken in New York, USA, depicts a room set for a formal event.

In the foreground, a man can be seen dressed all in black but there looks to be something very wrong with him indeed.

He appears to have two sets of legs and a distorted torso and he also seems to be missing an arm – clearly the result of a Google glitch.

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