Flight attendant warns ‘never use the glass cups’ in hotel rooms for grim reason

As global travel continues its resurgence, and more people plan for hotel stays, one flight attendant has shared a stark warning for holidaymakers. While hotel rooms come kitted out with various amenities for customers to use, US cabin crew member Kat Kamalani has suggested they might not always be as clean as one might hope.

This is particularly relevant in the post-Covid world when hygiene and sanitisation seem more important than ever.

Ms Kamalani shared her hotel tips on TikTok, stating travellers “have to try them” on their next vacation.

Ms Kamalani’s first recommendation is for hotel guests to avoid any drinking glasses which are left out in the room.

“If you don’t have a dishwasher, in your hotel room I would never use the glass cups,” she said.

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Remote controls used for the television can also be a hotbed for germs and bacteria, according to the crew member.

“These remotes have seen so many hands with how many people are staying in the hotel room and you have no clue if they are being sanitised,” she said.

“Grab an ice bag and wrap your remote in it.”

She also featured some less gruesome advice in her video.

Ms Kamalani also recently lifted the curtain on how aeroplane passengers can enjoy “the royal treatment” while travelling.

“Being a flight attendant is exhausting,” she told viewers.

“You’re always in different time zones, waking up crazy hours and dealing with angry customers so I promise you the next time you fly if you want special treatment from the flight attendants this is all you have to do.”

According to Ms Kalami, the key to “special treatment” is by purchasing a £5 Starbucks gift card for your cabin crew.

“It means the world to us when customers give us this,” she said.

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