Could YOU be charged to enter Europe? EU outlines plans to identify rule breakers

Covid has started to recede from Europe, with vaccines able to hold back the tide of deaths amid tens of thousands of remaining cases. However, many EU nations have continued to entertain comparatively harsh Covid rules, firming up their borders and complicating travel for hopeful Britons. Border rules are due to firm up even further next year when people travelling to the EU face a new surcharge.

Could you be charged to enter Europe?

EU membership comes with a selection of perks, freedom of movement – which Brexit has now eliminated for people living in the UK – among them.

Freedom of movement allowed people to live, work and enjoy frictionless holidays in the bloc.

Combined with the visa-free Schengen Area, members pay less to move through Europe without additional border checks.

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Although the incoming rules may bother those hoping to travel on a budget, they will provide non-EU residents with freedoms granted by the Schengen Agreement.

Successful applications would allow people to take multiple holidays across the EU.

And authorisation would last for three years, permitting people to travel between borders for the duration.

Although selective, officials anticipate up to 95 percent of applicants will receive fast approval.

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