Camping holidays: First time campers warned to invest in a ‘sleeping bag’ over ‘good tent’

Campsites and staycation booking sites have reported a “surge” in enquiries in recent weeks and many Britons begin set their summer holiday hopes on a staycation. For many, this could mean embarking on their first ever solo camping trip.

Packing additional items of clothing to sleep in was one of the most common recommendations.

“[Wear] layers obviously so if you get hot you can layer down,” recommended one camper.

A second said: “I usually sleep with a Hoodie on and pull the draw-strings tight so the only opening is where my mouth is. “

A third wrote: “Sleeping bags manage to keep everything warm except your face.

“Eat something before going to bed. Your body digesting it will keep you warm,” another camper confirmed.

Another key element of ensuring a good camping trip is to stay on top of the weather forecast.

This is particularly true in the UK, where even in the summer months an unexpected downpour can dampen an outdoor excursion.

“Check the weather forecast the day beforehand, base your clothing choices on that, and make sure to look at the high, low, and expected windchill for where you’ll be,” said a camping pro.

“Because it’s your first time, prepare for about 10-15 degrees colder than that.”

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