Camping: Expert warns of common holiday mistakes to avoid – ‘can’t stress enough’

Camping is a popular option for those hoping for a holiday in the UK. There are lots of stunning locations for Britons to choose from.

Check equipment

Having the right equipment is key and holidaymakers should take time to check this is all up to scratch before travelling.

This should be done at least one week before the trip takes place.

He said: “I can’t stress [enough] the importance of checking your equipment a week ahead of your trip – that includes new equipment.


“Although it’s rare, mistakes do happen during the manufacturing/packing process.

“It’s better to be aware of missing tent poles/pegs or that the groundsheet is damaged beforehand.

“Equipment that has been sitting in the shed for a year or more may have mould growth or experienced damage.

“Such problems can be rectified by repairing or ordering new equipment before you go, but once you’re at the campsite, you’re in a pinch.”

Travel with repair kits

Checking equipment before a holiday is key but it is also important to prepare for the worst, David said.

Carrying spares and repair equipment will help give peace of mind and prepare for any emergencies.

“Even the highest quality equipment can sustain damage from the environment,” the expert continued.

“A tear in your tent in wet, windy weather can be miserable or even spell the end of your trip.

“However, a repair kit allows you to patch things up and continue.

“I wouldn’t go camping without one.”

Before heading to a campsite it is important to book a slot as they can be very busy.

Holidaymakers should also ensure the campsite they choose has all the equipment they need.

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