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Funny Tweets Ever

1. HIV

HIV Funny Tweet

Twitter user — posted her HIV results publicly on Twitter declaring that she was “Clean”. One can imagine that perhaps the tweet also acted as advertisement for her future partners.

2. Suicide

Suicide Tweet

Twitter user – stated, “I rather kill myself and commit suicide.” There’s not much else to say except that she likely doesn’t even know what the word suicide means.

3. Alter Ego

Alter Ego Tweet

You’ll have to read this tweet out loud in order to understand the intention behind it. Twitter user — tweeted that twitter is their “Alter Eagle”. Perhaps she needs to spend less time with her Alter Ego and instead stick her nose in a book.

4. Klamidia

Klamidia Funny Tweet

Twitter user — made a joke referencing the jingle from the kay Jewelers commercial. However, her joke fell short when she mistakenly thought that the STD chlamydia also started with the letter “K” with a butchered spelling of Klamydia. Let’s hope she’s not going to medical school.

5. Ebola

Ebola Tweet

Twitter user — found some unwarranted comfort during the United States’ Ebola scare when they tweeted that they were glad that they lived in America. Well, let’s hope they didn’t come in contact with one of the affected people in the United States.

6. Fresh Prince

Fresh Prince Tweet

Twitter user — must be really young, or doesn’t know how to use google since he said, “Will Smith kind of looks like the guy from Fresh Prince of bel air” and attached a photo for comparison. Well, the two actors “Kinda” look like each other because they are the same person.

7. First Daughter

First Daughter Tweet

Twitter user — must not be that familiar with the birds and the bees, or how gender works since she tweeted “I want my first daughter to be a girl.” The tweet was retweeted nearly 200 times and it wasn’t by anyone who shared her sentiments but instead shared her stupidity.

8. What’s Up?

What's Up Tweet

Twitter user — clearly doesn’t understand what different languages say, even the basic sayings like “Bonjour”. Via Instagram, she tweeted a photo wearing a tank top saying “Bonjour” and posted, “My shirt says ‘What’s up’ in Arabic.”

9. IVEY Application

IVEY Application Tweet

An unknown Twitter user blew their chances of going to college when they tweeted, “This IVEY application makes me want to projectile vomit into the head of Admission’s Mouth”. Not realizing that perhaps the school may have been paying attention, the school replied with, “Duly noted.” Once the anonymous user saw the reply, they tweeted, “I take it back OMG (Accept Me Please).”

10. Super Bowl

Super Bowl Funny Tweet

Twitter user — doesn’t quite understand how the timing works between the selection of United States Presidents and the Super bowl. Common sense tells us that Presidents are selected every 4-8 years, while the Super bowl is actually annual.

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