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10 Famous Celebrities Caught Attacking Fans

They sing, act in play sports. They also get paid millions of dollars for their work and build armies of loyal fans. Yet, we often forget those famous people are actually just ‘People’ – just with a lot of money and popularity. They have their faults too. Like losing their cool and attacking their fans. These celebrities each have a well-publicized moment where they assaulted a fan – office in a spectacular way – and made tabloid headlines as a result.

1. Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf

If you think Shia LaBeouf is one strange guy, then you’re not alone. The Transformers actor has enjoyed big screen success but also had his share of legal issues. For instance, during one of his “Performance Art” pieces, LaBeouf remained in an Oxford University elevator for 24 hours, interacting with all the people he crossed paths with. In one instance a fan entered the elevator and could be heard asking LaBeouf to punch him in the face. After some convincing, audio picked up the sound of the Actor punching the man. It’s definitely weird but we’ll still consider it a case of a celeb attacking a fan.

2. Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates

Music fans may know that he released his debut album in 2016, but just a few months before he was making tabloid headlines for what happened in Florida. Now, Gates isn’t a stranger to jail but what he did in a Florida nightclub ensured he was sentenced to six months in the big house. During a performance one female fan gave the rapper’s shorts a little tug. While only trying to attract his attention, the fan ended up receiving a big kick. Gates tried to argue it was simply self-defense but neither the judge nor the jury were having any of it.

3. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

There are probably more than a few people who would like to go a few rounds with Justin Bieber. Yet, it was the Biebs who was making headlines for landing a shot on one of his fans. Video taken in Barcelona shows one fan reaching in to touch the Canadian singer as he drove by in a car. Moments later the fists of fury were Unleashed and the fan was left bloodied. We’re not so sure the fans should have been reaching into the car like that. But then again, we’re not so sure that guy is even a “Belieber” anymore.

4. Rihanna


This super-star singer has a bit of a reputation for lip-syncing or casually singing over her songs at concerts. While, she now has a reputation of getting a bit nasty with fans as well. During a concert in Birmingham, the Barbados-born singer was walking along in front of screaming fans. Naturally, they wanted to reach out and touch her. At one point, unable to take all the attention anymore, Rihanna was captured on video smacking one fan in the face with her microphone. When a fan tweeted that the singer accidentally hit the fan, Rihanna tweeted back that it was on purpose.

5. Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho

Probably best known for his role in the wrestling world, Chris Jericho ran into a little trouble several years ago after a show in British Columbia, Canada. You see, he was trying to leave but there were so many fans standing around heckling or asking for pictures that the situation got out of control pretty fast. Cameras caught Jericho throwing a punch at one woman after which he allegedly spat in the face of another “Fan”. The wrestling personality says he was spat on as well. In the end it was an ugly situation that no fan ever wants to witness.

6. Ron Artest

Ron Artest

When the Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons met in November 2004, no one ever imagined it would spark a brawl that would spill into the stands. While on the sidelines Ron Artest was hit with a drink thrown from the stands. Enraged, the man now known as Metta World Peace, launched himself into the stands and attacked the fans that he thought had thrown it. Once the dust had settled and the suspension was served something strange happened. Reportedly, Artest and John Green, the guy who threw the cup, are now actually friends. Go figure.

7. Pitbull


If people ever invites you up on stage – just say no. Why? Well, during a show in Colorado a few years ago Armando Christian – AKA Pitbull – pulled a fan up on stage. Cameras caught the fan waving around a handful of money and even throwing some in the face of the rapper. Without warning, this Pitbull got rabies and unleashed a hook that knocked the man down and out. A true professional, he proceeded to do the rest of set without missing a beat.

8. Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi

If rapper Kid Cudi ever throws something at you – do not throw it back. During a show in Vancouver someone threw a wallet up on stage. The rapper picking the wallet up and asking the crowd who it belongs to before throwing it back into the sea of fans. Moments later, fan Michael Sharpe threw the wallet back up on stage because it wasn’t his. Cudi took exception to this, unhooked his audio equipment and jumped into the crowd, punching sharp in the face. When it was all said and done Sharpe decided not to press charges against one of his favorite artists.

9. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

When she starred in ‘Mean Girls’, everyone thought Lindsay Lohan was on the track to stardom. Then her life became nothing but a series of train-wrecks. Take for instance an altercation at a New York club. A woman, who professes herself to be a psychic, was at the same club as Lohan and decided to try and give her a psychic reading. Now details are sketchy about what exactly started the fight but witnesses say a drunk Lohan asked for some space before proceeding to punch the woman in the face. Police arrived and picked Lohan up which probably wasn’t difficult given the amount of time she’s spent with the authorities over the last several years.

10. Akon


Remind us never to mess with Akon-especially at one of his shows. During a performance in upstate New York, someone in the crowd threw something at the rapper. Angered by this, Akon tried to find the culprit and settled upon 15 year old Anthony Smith. Pulling the teen up on stage, Akon picked him up and threw him into the crowd. Needless to say the whole ordeal ended up in court where the rapper pled not guilty-likely because he didn’t realize that YouTube was full of incriminating videos of the event. The sentence for assaulting a fan? A small fine and 65 hours of community service.

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