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10 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know The Use For

With so much going on in our daily lives, sometimes we forget to take a look around us and notice the little things. And that’s a shame, because sometimes those little things can be supremely useful. We’ll help save you some time before you start inspecting every last object in your house. Today we’re talking about 10 everyday things you didn’t know they use for.

1. Highway Signs

Highway Signs

Picture yourself cruising down the highway, windows down, radio blaring, maybe one of your feet sticking out of the window if you’re that kind of person. You’re looking for a certain exit, but you aren’t sure if it’s on the right side or the left side of the highway. You can’t fully relax and concentrate on belting out an apropos version of “Life is a Highway” until you know what lane you’re supposed to be in. Yet, by the time you see the sign indicating it’s your exit, you’ll have mere seconds to make the proper choice. You see the familiar green road signs indicating that you have two miles to go. Then one mile. You’re on the edge of your seat wondering what side of the highway your exit will be. But wait, take a better look at one of those green signs. Preferably in this video and not while you’re driving, for safety sake. There’s a large, rectangular, green sign that provides the bulk of the exit information, and then a smaller green, rectangular sign on top with the exit number. It turns out, the alignment of that smaller sign will tell you which side your exit will be on. If it’s a line to the right, your exit will be on the right. If it’s aligned to the left, you’d better move into the fast lane.

2. Tire Indicators

Tire Indicators

Now that you’ve reached your destination, hopefully safe and sound and with minimal swerving across the highway, check your tires. We know that tires have treads on them that help the tire grip the road. This is especially important if you’re driving on wet or icy roads. If the tread wears down, the grooves in between them won’t be able to channel the water away from the tire. This could cause your vehicle to hydroplane which can lead to an accident. Not to mention the potential of you suffering a blowout. So clearly it’s a smart idea to keep an eye on your tires and make sure they don’t get too worn out. The tread depth is measured in 32nds of an inch, and most tires start out with a depth of about 10/32nds of an inch. 2/32nds is the cut-off that experts deem unsafe. But luckily, tire manufacturers have added a simple little device to measure your tread to each tire. It’s called a tire wear bar, and it’s those little bumps you’ll find between the treads of your tire. They’re each 2/32nds tall, so if the tread reached the tire bars, you know it’s time to replace your tires.

3. Pen Caps

Pen Caps

We all know that pen caps are designed to prevent pens from spreading ink everywhere when they’re not in use. And you probably have a few sitting on your desk right now. For many of us who always have to be fidgeting with something, pen caps make the perfect thing to absentmindedly chew on while we work. If you chew on a pen itself you risk getting a mouthful of ink, so the cap part seems much safer in comparison. Well, unless you swallow it, that is. And adult who should know better aren’t the only ones who could end up with a pen cap in their mouth. Young children also have a fondness for chewing on things, and a pen is something many of them have access to. Good thing there’s a hole in the top of your pen cap. That’s right, that little hole in the top of your pen cap could be enough to save your life if you accidentally swallow one. It’s intended to allow you to breathe if it gets lodged in your throat. You might think it could never happen to you, but 100 people per year die from swallowing pen caps, so pick one with this handy feature next time you’re out pen shopping.

4. Gas Tank

Gas Tank

You know that awkward moment when you’re driving a new or borrowed car and you aren’t sure which side the gas tank is on when you pull up to the gas station? Heaven forbid you guessed wrong and pull up to the wrong side of the pump. You’ll feel the stares of everyone at the gas station, as you hop back into your car and prepare to park on the correct side. And if you don’t understand how things work and just drive around so that your same side is next to the pump, well, you’ll have to get in your car and drive away in shame. Hopefully you don’t run out of gas before you make it to the next station to try again. To prevent this unnecessary drama in the future, just check your gas gauge. There is likely a little arrow next to the drawing of a gas pump. That arrow will tell you which side of the car your gas gauge is on. If the arrow is located on the left of the gas pump, your gas tank is on the Left driver’s side of the car. If it’s on the right side of the gas pump, your gas tank is on the passenger’s side.

5. Childproof Caps

Childproof Caps

If you don’t live in a house with any young children, childproof pill bottles are likely a source of frustration. It takes just the right amount of strength and maneuvering to open them and, especially if you’re not feeling well, your head might just not be in the game. But those orange pill bottles you get from the pharmacy can be easily adapted to non-childproof versions. In fact, they already come with everything you need for the transformation. See the grooves on the top of the white cap? Just remove the cap the old fashioned way, by pressing it down and twisting, but instead of replacing it the same way, flip it upside down first. It’s designed to twist right back into the bottle in Reverse. That way the next time you need to access your medication, you can just unscrew it without having to apply the pressure necessary to open up the childproof version. Of course, you should only do this if there aren’t any children in your house. Even if you think you’ve put it in a safe place, children are like untrustworthy little ninjas, so better safe than sorry. Get ready for our trivia question! We’re all familiar with the metal rivets on a pair of blue jeans, and many of us know that they’re to reinforce stress points on the garment. But where did the idea to use these first originate? Keep watching, and we’ll reveal the answer at the end of our article.

6. Panty Pocket

Panty Pocket

Ladies, have you ever noticed that there’s a secret pocket in the middle of your panties? If you haven’t go ahead and take a look. Just make sure you’re in a comfortable and private place first. You’d be hard pressed to find a worse pocket to store something in, for health, comfort, and just logistic reasons. Trying to fish your credit card out of your oversized handbag at a crowded checkout counter can be embarrassing enough, let alone if you decided to slip it in your Panty pocket that day. You may have wondered: what’s the point of this pocket, and does anyone seriously expect me to store things in it? In order to keep a proper airflow to that sensitive region, the material needs to be made from a soft, breathable material, usually cotton. That’s the material that forms the little pocket. The way in which panties are made makes it impossible to attach the fabric with two inner seams without it being irritating, so they leave one side unsewn. So the little pouch is intentional, but it turns out it’s not intended to hold your car keys. Which is honestly quite a relief.

7. Kings


After playing approximately One Million rounds of solitaire in our lives, whether old school or on the computer, it’s safe to say we’re all acquainted with the standard deck of playing cards. Besides the fact that a playing card would be the perfect size to slip into a panty pocket, have you ever noticed that the King of Hearts is the only card without a mustache? You may have always assumed that the Kings were all the same, or that any design differences were just random aesthetic choices. But each of the kings actually represents a different historical figure. The King of Hearts is Charlemagne, the first Holy Roman Emperor. The king of clubs is Alexander the Great, the King of Diamonds is Julius Caesar, and the King of Spades is King David of Israel. The difference is in their appearances are used to distinguish them from one another. It’s the same with the Queen’s. Athena is the queen of space, the queen of diamonds and queen of heart our Rachel and Judith from the Bible, and our argea is the queen of clubs. As you can imagine, the jack cards also follow suit with this trend.

8. Jean Pockets

Jean Pockets

One of the sadly few styles of women’s clothing that has dependable pockets is blue jeans. True, there are some Styles of jeans that don’t have any, but most come with two pockets in the back, and a pocket on each side. And above the perfectly functional side pocket, is a tiny little nonsense pocket. What are we supposed to put in there? A tic tac box? Our Tamagotchi once they become cool again? Our hopes and dreams? According to Levi Strauss, that’s actually where you’re supposed to put your pocket watch. You have to remember that jeans have been around since 1873, and back in those days’ denim lovers needed somewhere to carry their fancy pocket watches. This was back in the dark period of time before we all just used our phones to tell time, of course. The original jeans had only one rear pocket, the two side pockets, and of course, the watch pocket. And yes, that’s what it’s really called. Levi Strauss acknowledged that the watch pocket has taken on many names and uses over the years, such as: frontier pocket, condom pocket, coin pocket, match pocket, and ticket pocket.

9. Gas Pump Breakaway

Gas Pump Breakaway

So you’ve finally figured out which side of the car your gas tank is on and it’s time to fuel up! But what if you accidentally drive off without removing the gas pump from your fuel tank. Will you rip open the side of your car? Or is the gas pump going to tip over, spilling gasoline everywhere and igniting in a fiery explosion? Well, probably neither of those things. You will probably just make the owner of the gas station quite angry with you and embarrass yourself. Fortunately, dying from embarrassment is just an expression so you’ll be fine. At least until you get the bill for the damage you caused by being so careless. The reason nothing that bad will happen is because of the magnetic breakaway located on each hose at the gas pump. It’s designed to come apart when enough pressure is applied, because it easier to replace part of the pump than the entire city block if there’s an explosion. You’ve probably looked at it whenever you stop to get gas but never paid it too much thought because you were distracted by the sky high price of gas. But even if you didn’t notice it, it’s been protecting you this whole time.

10. Hidden Tab

Hidden Tab

At one time or another, we’ve all been driven to madness trying to properly dispense aluminum foil or plastic wrap. The packaging is just so annoying! And sometimes the whole roll just flops right out of the box when you’re just trying to pull off a small piece. One solution is to finish all your food in one sitting so you don’t have leftovers, but we don’t recommend that. It’s not great for your wallet or your waistline. And besides, there’s a part of the box that your foil or plastic wrap came in that we bet you’ve overlooked. On each end of the box is a cardboard tab. If you press them in, they’ll lock the roll in place, preventing it from popping out at an inopportune moment. It seems like it’s something we should have been doing a long time ago, and indeed the instructions on the box tell us to do this. However, who actually reads the instructions on aluminum foil? Besides people who know how to use it properly without causing a huge mess, of course. Now we just have to find a way to get plastic wrap from sticking to itself and we’ll be all set. Did you figure out where the metal rivets on your jeans were first used? The Answer is on Horse Blankets. They’re sturdy enough for a human, but were actually intended for something much more massive.

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