Your Sky Q remote has a hidden new feature and there

Over half of Brits say they regularly settle on watching something on TV they don’t want to view because they’re bored of scrolling and debating “what should I watch?” – with more than one in ten often giving up on their TV search completely.

Delving deeper, Sky’s research also revealed that Brits are more than three times as likely to fall out with a partner or spouse over TV search stress and a quarter of us claim search stress is one of the most common reasons for arguments at home.

Speaking about the stats Graham Jones, internet psychologist said: “We’re in a world where we’re so spoilt for choice it means we often suffer from choice paralysis, with most of us feeling overwhelmed whilst trying to find the perfect thing to watch or do online.

“Sky Q’s ‘What Should I Watch?’ feature can really help to take the stress out of searching and makes it easier to narrow down the choice, so you can spend more time enjoying what you love.”

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