Why it might be time to ditch your Google Home and buy a Sonos speaker instead

The update also removes functionality from Google Assistant. Users will no longer be able to issue a voice command like “Hey Google, set volume to 40 percent on Living Room speakers” to adjust a number of speakers. Instead, you’ll need to remember the name of each individual speaker and use the hands-free assistant to tweak every one. You can also use a touchscreen-equipped device, like the Google Nest Hub, to drop the volume of each speaker around the room.

Sonos owners will still be able to change the volume with a single few taps – or the volume rocker on the side of their handset – with no need to remember what each individual speaker is called.

Sonos One, Sonos Beam and a number of other speakers from the company are compatible with Google Assistant. Adding insult to injury, owners of these Sonos-designed sound systems will be able to use the hands-free voice assistant developed by Google to adjust the volume of every speaker in a single room, or throughout the house, with a single sentence.

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