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Twitter will now show if someone you follow is attending Spaces audio conversations on your timeline. Till now, Twitter showed Spaces in the timeline only when a contact is hosting Spaces. With the new feature, users will be able to see when a person they follow has tuned into Spaces.
As announced by the official Twitter handle of Spaces, the ability is live for some Android as well as iOS users. “We’re experimenting with ways to help you discover more Spaces. for some of you on iOS and android, if someone you follow is listening to a Space, you’ll see it at the top of your tl” [sic.], the tweet says.

The microblogging platform has also added a new ability for its users to control who can see their listening activities. This means that if a user does not wish to share which Spaces he/she may be attending with the follower, he can turn off the feature.
Here’s how to control who can see which Space you are attending
To do so, head to the “Settings and privacy” menu. Here, look for “Privacy and safety,” and navigate to Spaces. Then, turn off the option to “Let followers see which Spaces you’re listening to.”

Turning it off will hide your Spaces activity from your followers. But, people in the Space you are attending will still be able to see your presence in the chat room.
Earlier this month, Twitter added the ability to add two co-hosts to Spaces audio conversations. These two co-hosts can be added via invite-only and are said to make it easier for the main host to manage and moderate conversations.

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