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Social networking giant Twitter has announced a couple of major changes that the company is introducing to its direct messages. The list of changes includes the following improvements that are set to be rolled out in the coming weeks:
Send DM to up to 20 people
Twitter will soon allow its users to share the same Tweet in up to 20 different DM convos, separately. The platform says that this will avoid accidental group chats when a person DMs a tweet to multiple people. This feature is expected to come to iOS and web first and come to Android OS “soon.”
New quick-scroll button in DM
When a user scrolls the chat, they will see a new quick-scroll button that will allow them to scroll to the bottom. This feature is set to roll out to Android and iOS first.
Long press support on a message
Twitter will enable a long press option on DMs that will give users the option to “Add reaction” from the menu to pull up the reaction picker. This will come to iOS users first.
Less timestamp clutter
For iOS users, Twitter will alter DM timestamps. Now instead of stamping each message within a DM conversation with the date and time, the messages will be grouped by day.

New look, fonts and more for Twitter
Last week, Twitter made some big changes to its platform and announced a new look, new font called Chip, colours to be a lot less blue and to be high contrast and more to the platform.
Also, Twitter said that there will be fewer gray backgrounds and unnecessary divider lines. There is also an increase in space to make text easier to read. The idea behind this is to clean the clutter.

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