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Twitter is expected to launch Twitter Blue, a premium subscription-based service that is expected to be priced at $2.99 (about Rs 219) per month. Twitter Blue may include features like ‘Undo’ tweets where users will have a few seconds to undo a tweet that has been posted by them. For the unaware, Twitter is yet to enable the feature of editing the already published tweets. Another inclusion of Twitter Blue is likely to be a ‘Collections’ section that may allow users to organise and save their favourite tweets or the ones which they would want to view later.


Twitter has not yet made any announcement of its subscription service.

Researcher Jane Manchun Wong shared details on Twitter’s new features through a thread of tweets. She suggests that the above-mentioned features could be a part of Twitter’s base plan for which users may be expected to pay more for more feature additions.

Twitter has not yet made any announcement of its subscription service. Hence, there’s no official confirmation on the features, price of the plan, and when the service will be launched. Also, it is still being anticipated if these paid features will facilitate Twitter users to subscribe to it. Rising data security concerns on social media platforms suggest that Twitter may have to ensure its users of data security for them to use the service. For more details, we will have to wait for any official announcement from Twitter.

Jane had earlier tweeted about Twitter’s Verification program which might launch next week.

In January 2021, Twitter had removed the blue badge suggestive of verified accounts from inactive and incomplete accounts as part of the new verification policy. It had stopped verifying accounts since 2017 owing to the outrage over the verification process.


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