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With Windows 11 Microsoft has managed to create a lot of buzz among users. The new operating system from the company is in talks for its fresh looks and updated features over Windows 10.
While the ability to run Android apps natively is an interesting feature, the new rounder corners, updated notification panel and quick notification, centred taskbar, new Start Menu, etc also add to the interests of the users.
Windows 11 is set to launch later this year and is already available for testing via the Windows Insider Preview program under Beta and Dev channels. However, it requires users to enroll into the beta program and install it on their secondary system (preferably) or on virtual machines. Which isn’t everyone willing to do.
To make things easier, a developer named Blue Glass has developed a web simulator for Windows 11 that gives users a glimpse at the operating system’s new look and feel to a degree right on smartphones, tablet’s or even PCs web browsers.
The Windows 11 web simulation can be accessed here and right now it looks exactly like Windows 11. Currently, the simulator allows users to move around the entire desktop interface to get the idea of Windows 11’s design.
The simulator is also semi-functional where it allows you to click on Start Menu to see how the new Start Menu will look. Plus, you can also click on the notification centre and date and calendar icon to see the changes. Apart from that, the Store also seems to be working where you can see the design and interface change of the Windows 11 Store.
Just one thing to note here is that the simulator works best in landscape mode on any device whether you are accessing it on your smartphone or tablet or PC.
Currently, you can look around the desktop, inside the Start menu, run the Edge browser and even check out the new Windows 11 widgets screen. It’s all very close to the real thing, even if features are expectedly missing, as this is just a modest recreation and a fun experiment.

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