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Pegasus spyware has been in the news for the last couple of weeks on how spyware can silently affect a smartphone and collect data from it without users’ knowledge. It was created by the NSO group based on zero-day vulnerabilities.
However, the biggest problem with the spyware is that it is really hard to detect whether a smartphone is affected by Pegasus or not. Now, a free spyware detector tool iMazing has updated its app with a new tool that claims to detect Pegasus spyware in iPhones.
iMazing is a powerful tool available for Mac and Windows which gives features like backup, transfer and several management tools for iPhone and iPad.
The new tool scans iPhone backup along with additional files and looks for the malicious email address, file names, processes, etc. It is also important to note that iMazing’s tool only works for iPhones and not Android.
By the way, It is not the first time a tool has arrived that claims to detect Pegasus spyware in the iPhone. Last month, a tool from Amnesty International arrived that does the same thing. Also, both the tools work in a similar fashion, except iMazing’s tool is a lot easier to use. There’s no need for a complicated setup, jailbreak the iPhone or type lines and lines of commands in the Terminal.
The iMazing tool has a couple of other advantages over the Amnesty International one. According to a Cult of Mac report, the tool does not save records. Everything happens in the system memory which is deleted after the process is complete. Also, the iMazing’s tool does not protect the iPhone against the Pegasus spyware, it can only tell whether or not the smartphone is affected by the spyware.

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