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Apple is one of the biggest tech companies in the world looking to innovate and bring new technologies to the world. In an interview with Time magazine, Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke about a variety of things, including the one tech that he is really excited about. “I get really jazzed about AI,” said Cook, before adding, “AI today is in a number of products that you don’t really think about.”
Cook further explained how Apple is using AI and how it is everywhere. “If you just take, from us, from the way that we’re recognizing your face, to your fingerprint. The way that we’re grouping photos together, the way that Siri works. I mean, AI is everywhere,” he said in the interview with the magazine.
Apple’s use of AI is dominant in its products and apps. The iPhone camera relies heavily on machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver impressive performance. Cook said that these are early days of AI but it can make people’s lives easier. “We’re at the very early stages of what it can do for people and how it can make people’s lives easier,” said the Apple CEO.
Cook also spoke about another tech that he is really excited about. “I am really stoked about [augmented reality], and what AR can bring. And the overlay of the virtual world with the real world.”
He further said that AR shouldn’t be distracting. It should be used in a “way that is not distracting from the physical world and your physical relationships. But enhancing your relationships, enhancing your collaboration,” he said.
This isn’t the first time Cook has raved about augmented reality. In the past on several occasions, he has mentioned how AR can be used to make a difference.

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