These iPhone 12 Pro models ‘inspired’ by Steve Jobs are selling for close to Rs 5 lakh – Eagles Vine

NEW DELHI: Russian luxury brand Caviar has introduced an iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max Jobs 4 phones, inspired by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and with a design that’s based on the iPhone 4. All the phone models, however, come with the latest technology of the iPhone 12 series.
The iPhone 4 is considered by many to be among the best works of Apple. The phones come with the Apple logo at the back which houses a small piece of the iconic turtleneck worn by Steve Jobs.
The Jobs 4 Black is the version with the lowest price. It starts at $6,500. Next comes The White version, priced over $7,000, with a back panel made of G-10 material and a 925 sterling silver Apple logo. There is also a Gold edition, that has an 18-carat gold layer on a body made of hardened titanium. The price for the Gold version starts at under $9,000. There is one more version: the Steve Jobs 1st. It comes with a back panel made fully of titanium and starts at $7,000. The luxury phone maker is going to manufacture only 10 units of each version of the Steve Jobs-inspired iPhone models.

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