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Telegram now has various new features as a result of a new update. According to a press release, the new features include Payments 2.0, new web versions of the messaging app, scheduled Voice Chats and more. Firstly, the WhatsApp rival has got hold of the new Payments 2.0 feature, which will allow users to make payments with their credit card in personal chats, groups, or channels on the app. As per the release, this can be done via third-party apps in 200 countries, including India.

For this, merchants can create bots that offer goods and services to users, who can even choose to tip the merchants. Additionally, Telegram claims it doesn’t charge any commission, or store users’ payment information, so transactions made using the app are safe.

Next are new features for Telegram Voice Chats 2.0, which was launched recently. Users can now schedule voice chats for a time and date of their choosing in Telegram channels and groups. This will provide participants of the chat some time to notify their friends, and as the company says, ‘get the popcorn ready’.

With this update, users can schedule voice chats, make payments and view profiles and bios while in a voice chat. Image: Tech2

With this update, users can schedule voice chats, make payments and view profiles and bios while in a voice chat. Image: Tech2

Users can get reminders of voice chats, so they don’t miss out on any of the conversations. Additionally, Telegram now has mini profiles for voice chats, so users can easily change or view profile pictures and the bio without having to leave an audio chat.

Announced recently, Telegram’s new web versions – Web K and Web Z – are now available to use with features such as dark mode, animated stickers, chat folders and more.

Additionally, Telegram users can now pinch-to-zoom images directly from a chat for convenience’s sake. This is available for both Android and iOS users.

Android and iOS users can also fast forward and rewind videos with ease. On Android devices, users can double-tap on the right of the screen to fast forward, and on the left to rewind. On iOS, press and hold ‘+’ to fast forward, or press and hold ‘-’ to rewind.

Lastly, Android users can now access animations while opening the side menu or returning to the chat list for a smoother experience.

The latest Telegram update is currently available for iOS users and will soon reach Android devices, too. However, if you download the Android app via, you can access all the new features right away.


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