Surface Adaptive Kit makes Microsoft’s laptops more accessible

Microsoft is creating a Surface Adaptive Kit for people with disabilities. The kit makes Microsoft’s range of laptops and tablets more accessible with keycap labels, bump labels, port indicators, and device openers.

The keycap and bump labels make it easier to identify important keys, or find ports and cables. The opener support includes a pull tab and ring to provide more flexibility for opening a laptop lid or maneuvering a Surface kickstand. Microsoft has created the kit in collaboration with people with disabilities to make sure it covers a wide spectrum of needs.

The Surface Adaptive Kit includes pull tabs, bump labels, and keycaps.
Image: Microsoft

The full Surface Adaptive Kit will suit a variety of needs.
Image: Microsoft

The Surface Adaptive Kit will include a set of keycap labels and a keycap applicator, with translucent labels and tactile indicators. The kit also includes three-dimensional bump labels, port indicators that include raised textures to identify ports, and ring and pull tab openers.

Microsoft isn’t announcing pricing or availability just yet, but we’re expecting to hear more about those details shortly.

Developing… we’re adding more to this post, but you can follow along with our Surface hardware event live blog to get the news even faster.

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